New nails

Just back from the nail shop, getting my tips re-done. I got tips (extensions) for the first time 3 weeks ago, with SNS powder, and was deeply satisfied with the result and its longevity. My hands are pudgy and chillblained and wrinkled but having fancy nails makes me happy. After all, I look at my nails a lot.

What else has been generating pleasure:

“Transcription” which is Kate Atkinson’s latest novel, about a woman who works for the MI5 during WWII.  The Tara French Dublin Murder Squad series.

Riverdale on TV.

Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and Archie from Riverdale.

Nounos yogurt, a local brand I’m obsessed with since I first tried their coconut mango flavor a couple years back. That is can be hard to find adds to its glamour — the other day I scored an unexpected hat trick when, going to the rather obscure grocery store that is the only one that sells the frozen breakfast sandwiches I like, they also had Nounos AND the big bottles of Starbucks medium roast ice coffee, which isn’t at Gristedes or Whole Foods or,obviously, Trader Joe’s, so I have to go Fairway just for that. And none of those carry the breakfast sandwiches which I suspect are far too downscale for the nabe, and I know I oughtn’t to be eating them either, but fuck it, I like them. All my various preferences means that I visit about 5 different grocery stores over any 2 week period to stock up on this thing from that and then that other thing that only the other one carries. It gets a bit crazy. And somehow I never really have anything in the house I want to eat.

Recently, I quite Facebook and Instagram though I’m doubtful anyone will notice. I don’t miss, but I do miss a sort of platonic idea of it that it never really was anyhow.

I’m to going to write anything now about Individual One, or any current events, just what I do to keep the too-muchness of our times at some bay.

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